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Fanlisting Addict

I first discovered fanlistings in 2003 and loved the concept of them and the possibility of creating different layouts for different things I loved! So I tend to apply for the maximum-bulk-amount at a time, and scurry away to make my layouts, waiting patiently, and impatiently for an approval email…

This is what I am doing right now… waiting.

In the meantime, I try to catch up on other web things to distract myself from the waiting… like work on updating sites, or maybe catching up on the several shows I love to watch. Right now I am working on a couple tasks, updating my Home Movies fansite with screencaps and adding that ever popular size of 75×50 pixels to my fanlisting codes, where they are lacking.

When I first began making fanlistings I covered the then popular sizes plus more I liked, now there’s a new popular one. At first, I didn’t want to, but I see many fanlisting members like them… so I caved.

Hopefully, I won’t be waiting that much longer…

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